I keep attempting to film some videos but I am so awkward on camera it is making me cringe so hard my face is turning inside out. 

Which shoes did you want me to review first out of the ones I have posted?

Jeffrey Campbell Scully platform (in black)

Price on Nasty Gal (for the white pair): £92.72
Price on ShoeBou: £34.99 with postage and packaging from £2.99.
Sizes: UK 3-7

Link: Click here

Note: these are my pictures, they arrived yesterday and I would 100% recommend these beauties. You can also remove the ankle strap (as you can see in the second image).

Fake black HBIC’s.

(via eatyourpie)

Jeffrey Campbell HBIC boot in black.

Price on Karmaloop: $248.00
Price on ShoeBou: £36.99 with postage and packaging from £2.99.
Sizes: UK 3-8

Link: Click here

(I own these and they make your life 110% better)

if there was the regular tan suede looking one or a black one. In fact if there was a black one that would be awesome!

I know the perfect black pair! I’m just finishing this post and it’ll be up within the next half hour x

Will hopefully be filming some shoe reviews soon. 

What ones would you guys want me to review in particular?

UNIF Six Jersey.

Price on Dollskill: $99.00
Price on Mr Shoes: $28.99 (I am unsure on the postage and packaging).
Sizes: ONE SIZE.

Link: Click here

Juju jellies (heeled and flats).

Price on Schuh: £20.00-£25.00
Price on eBay: £9.99 with FREE postage and packaging.
Sizes: UK 3-8
Colours: All that you can see above.

Link: Click here

Doing the post now <3

I’m sorry but I already am finding it hard to do this blog, I try as best I can and people don’t usually specify where they are living so I just go for UK sellers etc.