Fake black HBIC’s.

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Jeffrey Campbell HBIC boot in black.

Price on Karmaloop: $248.00
Price on ShoeBou: £36.99 with postage and packaging from £2.99.
Sizes: UK 3-8

Link: Click here

(I own these and they make your life 110% better)

if there was the regular tan suede looking one or a black one. In fact if there was a black one that would be awesome!

I know the perfect black pair! I’m just finishing this post and it’ll be up within the next half hour x

Will hopefully be filming some shoe reviews soon. 

What ones would you guys want me to review in particular?

UNIF Six Jersey.

Price on Dollskill: $99.00
Price on Mr Shoes: $28.99 (I am unsure on the postage and packaging).
Sizes: ONE SIZE.

Link: Click here

Juju jellies (heeled and flats).

Price on Schuh: £20.00-£25.00
Price on eBay: £9.99 with FREE postage and packaging.
Sizes: UK 3-8
Colours: All that you can see above.

Link: Click here

Doing the post now <3

I’m sorry but I already am finding it hard to do this blog, I try as best I can and people don’t usually specify where they are living so I just go for UK sellers etc.

Vivienne Westwood lady dragon heart heels.

Price on Vivienne Westwood website: £150
Price on eBay: £25.00 with FREE postage and packaging.
Sizes: UK 5-10

Link: Click here

Making the post for you now!